John Hutchison & Ronnie Milione

The Philadelphia Experiment Revisited!



The radar transmitter produces the short duration high-power rf pulses of energy that are radiated into space by the antenna. The radar transmitter is required to have the following technical and operating characteristics:

The radar transmitter is designed around the selected output device and most of the transmitter chapter is devoted to describing output devices therefore:

  • One main type of transmitters is the keyed-oscillator type. In this transmitter one stage or tube, usually a magnetron, produces the rf pulse. The oscillator tube is keyed by a high-power dc pulse of energy generated by a separate unit called the modulator. This transmitting system is called POT (Power Oscillator Transmitter). Radar units fitted with an POT are either non-coherent or pseudo-coherent.
  • Power-Amplifier-Transmitters (PAT) are used in many recently developed radar sets. In this system the transmitting pulse is caused with a small performance in a waveform generator. It is taken to the necessary power with an amplifier followingly (Amplitron, klystron or Solid-State-Amplifier). Radar units fitted with an PAT are fully coherent in the majority of cases.
  • A special case of the PAT is the active antenna.
    • Even every antenna element
    • or every antenna-group
    is equipped with an own amplifier here

Pictured is a keyed oscillator transmitter of the  radar unit.
The picture shows the typical transmitter system that uses a magnetron oscillator and a waveguide transmission line. The magnetron at the middle of the figure is connected to the waveguide by a coaxial connector. High-power magnetrons, however, are usually coupled directly to the waveguide. Beside the magnetron with its magnets you can see the modulator with its thyratron. The impulse-transformer and the pulse-forming network with the charging diode and the high-voltage transformer are in the lower bay of this rack.



The actual transmitter for the HUTCHISON-MILIONE Philadelphia Experiment will be somewhat different, but