The Liberation Artist – Feature Friday – Interview with John Hutchison

The Liberation Artist – Feature Friday – Interview with John Hutchison


Twice monthly I run a “Feature Friday” interview with individuals who embody characteristics of The Liberation Artist.   This week I am pleased to feature rogue physicist and television personality, John Hutchison, for whom the “Hutchison Effect" is named.  


I met John about ten years ago, at which time I assisted him with some of his correspondence.  Assisting him in this was one of the most fascinating things I’ve done, as it brought me into direct contact with high powered members of military, international royalty, and an endless stream of scientists and armchair physicists alike.  

John, a Canadian, is a rogue scientist, and one of the most controversial figures in science today.   An untrained physicist who recreated Tesla’s laboratory and began experimenting, he has documented some pretty astonishing antigravity demonstrations, as well as the bending and merging of objects.   At one point neighbors filed a report claiming he made an entire apartment complex disappear.   

John’s work caught the attention of the Canadian government and the US Military, who brought him to work at Los Alamos.   They were not able to recreate his effect without him present.   However, a top ranking Colonel, as well as high level execs at Boeing and other institutions claim to have witnessed it first hand, and believe in John.  Others claim the Hutchison Effect is a hoax. There is a third consideration:  Some believe that there is some kind of paranormal connection tied to John.   Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV, and many others have featured John’s work.  

John’s work has included the development of a renewable energy source – a battery that does not die, utilizing the casimir effect.  I highly encourage you explore some of the attached videos and links if you are interested in learning more about John’s work.  Determine for yourself whether Colonels, the Prince of Lichtenstein, and executives at Boeing were right to put stock in this rogue physicist.   Regardless of how you slice it, or what you determine in the end, the one thing that is for certain?  Hutchison definitely fits the bill as “Liberation Artist”  – he has stepped outside of status quo, carved his own path, and never looked back.  


You have lived very much outside the status quo, as a ‘‘rogue physicist.’’ At what time did you realize you were ‘different’ from others and did you embrace this at first, or try to “fit in”?

Well, I never could fit in, and did not want to.  I could see everything in my head, and never allowed myself to be programmed.  Since early childhood, when I made those discoveries, it was the scientists who promoted it.  I built free energy machines as well.  All of this caught the attention of many high ranking folks from the 1980s to 2010, when I sold the lab to a German research team.  

You were a school drop-out, and never went to college, however you’ve worked in a field where one usually needs advanced degrees. What were you thinking? Did you focus on just the experiments? Weren’t you worried about ‘‘getting a job’’ or ‘‘being accepted and respected”?

I did not want to be the scientist with a huge ego.  The energy I feel I put out, well folks, they liked me from all levels. I found that I just needed to be me with my energy. I simply see it in my head and do it – I was taught by many folks because I was open to hearing them.  I simply listened and accepted or rejected stuff.  It’s like I’m a kid and never fit into the norm of things – this was really the only path that made sense for me.  

How did you find the courage and inspiration to follow your dreams, such as setting up a lab like Tesla’s, without credentials?

I just wanted to and did.  I set up labs for my personal enjoyment.  I am a history buff, the Tesla lab was one thing I set up, machine shops too. I paid for all and built what did not exist.  It gained attention as far away as the USA Government and News Media.  

What was the general reaction when you did these things? Did the people around you support you or tell you it was crazy, or you would fail?

The general reaction was one of great interest, and teams wanted me.   They tried to get my interest and get really serious.  The Prince of Liechtenstein wanted me to move to Toronto and work with George Hathaway – I refused and did tv shows from 1996 to 2006.  Donald Rumsfeld and Col. Garretson wanted me to do the same, but I respectfully declined.  I continued to make movies featuring my work.

You join the ranks of others, such as the Wright Brothers, who work with what others see as “The Impossible.’’ In your case, the work is with anti-gravity, zero point energy, post nuclear melt-down cleanup. You have been called to work with the Canadian Government, US Military, Boeing, and others – yet when you haven’t conformed or agreed to certain things, you’ve had your laboratory seized. What advice do you have for others who are chasing dreams others call ‘‘impossible”?

My advice is to do great and honest things from your heart.  If you feel you want to share it there are many ways. I could have done SIBR or I could open source it onto youtube of the media, unless you are under funding.  The important thing is to do great and honest things that you love and do them the way you choose.  

Below you can check out some videos of John, explore his websites, and view documents supporting some of his research.   Regardless of whether you are a believer or a sceptic, or just a great television and film host and subject, I do encourage you to always remember to follow your path and be true to yourself, wherever it may lead!

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