John Hutchison, The Wild Scientist From Vancouver


( 20.08.2001. Update 04.02.2002 )

Photo: Dr. John Hutchison in his living room surrounded by a collection of ship instruments. As he has removed furniture and other household items to give room for the multitude of equipment, the feeling is like being inside a submarine.

    We spotted John walking on the street in New Westminster, Vancouver. The tall man with absent daydreaming look in the eyes below his characteristic leather helmet was easy to recognize even if never seen him before.

    This self educated physicist has practically become one of the living symbols of new energy experimenting. Not without side effects. John has taken some precautions to guard his privacy, with some humorous wink in his intelligent eyes. Right under the CIA decorated door eye was a sign stating:

    " Attention — No Government Agents, Federal, Provincial or Municipal Agents of Canada are allowed on these Premises. Those in Violation are subject to prosecution. – – – Exempt news media, USA, Liechtenstein or other countries."

    We followed John In…

    There was just enough room in the hall for the door to open. When walking sideways we could fit through the narrow space to step over a box between shelves and come into John’s apartment.

    John has appeared on stage of international TV shows quite a lot of times. He likes to tell about his famous friends like movie stars, millionaires, scientists and government employees. Photos of many of them were fixed beside kitchen door, or what had once been one. Kitchen was loaded with equipment.

    "My friends now and then send me few tens of thousands of dollars just to see what comes out with my experiments. Once I even got an Independence Day greeting from the White House. I thought it was a joke until I got one the next year again. In the U.S. free energy is quite a popular topic and big business" , John tells."I am supported by my friends who are American and German millionaires. I have sold some of my free energy batteries to Japan. I also know high ranking U.S. officials like John Alexander. I have been demonstrating my effects for the U.S. government several times."

Photo: John shows light to tell about his famous friends with whom he has been photographed.

Free Energy Battery —

    The version that John showed was made of rhodium plated polarized quartz discs bound together with a long bolt. There are also some different types of discs between. The array has been taped to a rigid spine holding it straight. "It gives 18 volts and a quarter amp. Tom Bearden instructed me how to do the metal plating on quartz discs."

Photo: John shows the quartz type battery and some drawings of it, taps the battery for a moment and the red LED starts glowing.

    John connects battery leads to a LED. Then he starts tapping, bending and hitting the battery in a way only he masters as the builder of the experimental power source.  After a while the battery comes into life and lights the red LED. The LED is connected to the battery without series resistor so the idle voltage stated as 18 volts apparently drops down to the red LED operating voltage of some two volts with load connected. "I sold a 55 000 volt type made to Japan. It was very well made. The owner is now showing it to audience".

    Another type of John’s batteries is the Electric Crystal which has been baked from natural minerals. "I like this one – it is so easy to make and the materials are dirt cheap. I have made honeycombs with 1 cc of material in each cell to give more voltage and current. Good ones that I sold for 35 000 USD gave 3 volts and one amp. I have made prototype for a 55 000 volt battery but it blew up. I have it on video."

    Well, what he then intends to do with them? "Now I would rather get these batteries out of my hands to concentrate on further experiments with the Hutchison Effect", he states.

Rotating Ear In Living Room —

    One of the eye-catching apparatus resembles a giant ear. "It is a direction finding antenna used in ships", John tells. "I can put it rotating. It does not shake although it is heavy. It just vibrates a little". John kneels down on the floor to avoid being hit by the circling aerial and accelerates it to a speed of several rounds per second. The feeling is so authentic that we have a desire to run to the ship bridge to check the radio beacon markers from the direction finding screen…

    John powers up the rotating direction finding aerial before the balcony door. It works smoothly and quietly. Balcony itself is already reserved for a large sighting device and a ship cannon John has himself built from scrap.

Cold Melted Metals —


    The phrase "Hutchison effect" is used except about John’s levitation experiments also about these weird pieces of metal. John tells that the deformations have taken place in room temperature as a result of a complex combination of electromagnetic fields. Left above: Steel. Left below: Aluminum with coin marks and one coin inserted in the partially opened crack. Middle: completely cracked aluminum bar. Right above and below: Aluminum block partially cut open to show a piece of brown material cold melted in. John tells it is wood.

    "Getting the effects is like opening an electromagnetic combination lock. I was actually so busy with adjusting the controls that I had no time to observe how the test pieces behaved in the combination of fields." About his levitation and cold melting H-effects John likes to think their origin connected with external dimensions. This explanation is fascinating. Now one may be manipulating with some Interdimensional wormholes within matter and it’s basic particles.

Photo: John with examples of his Hutchison Effect test objects.

    Afterwards, an alternative way of explaining the cold melting appears in visitor’s mind. When exposing the object to a combination of electromagnetic fields with many frequencies simultaneously one actually may be trying to hit as many of the atom’s orbital or nuclear resonances as possible.

    Now as the atom is busy oscillating by itself and trying to stay in one piece under the strain of excess energy, it has other things to worry about than trying to keep tight bonds with neighboring atoms. While experimenter turns more power and hits more of it’s resonances, the outer electrons responsible for metallic bonds start to shake themselves loose from other atoms and they start to slide past each other. The result is a soft, trembling jelly of metal.

    After the fields are cut off, the metal pieces of cause calm down after it’s momentary nightmare of what appeared like melting in comfortable, cool room temperature. Metallic bonds settle for their familiar firm handshake with neighboring atoms with the resulting deformations John just showed – the Hutchison Effect.

    John states that today he co-operates only with some distinguished U.S. scientists like Ken Shoulders. Indeed, when thinking it closely these John’s experiments may have something in common with Shoulders’ discovery about electron cluster sparks which seem to have some non-heating means of taking matter apart.

    By Shoulders, the energy of an electric spark is less than what is required for melting equal amount of substance. So the electron packet or cluster present in sparks is obviously having some alternative means of loosening atomary bonds within matter than heating. Here we have a connection to John’s cold melting effects with electromagnetic fields and high voltage. For more information about Shoulders’ electron cluster, see his fine description, "Charge Clusters In Action".

    "With one levitation experiment the object started to vertically circle around in the air." We tried to explain this due to interference in the field due to slight instrument frequency wobbling or drifting. About possible changes in object inertial mass in his levitation experiments John could not tell.

The Character Behind ‘Hutchison Effect’ —

    If you choose to be a personality, let’s be so full ahead. It is easy to stir people and you can imagine ordinary citizen’s confusion when landing on the deck of John’s apartment. And for sure, John enjoys to observe visitor’s reactions…

    We also got an impression of a sedate, peaceful man with a very clear train of thoughts and an instant ability to concentrate on any interesting subject. When concentrating on something, everything else in daily schedules is shut out of his mind. He just drifts from a moment to another grasping wholly to each one.  When thinking, John is out of our time.

    John can also convincingly play fool when needed — or just for fun — and he likes doing so. His unique appearance he is intentionally keeping  intensifies this another ‘Hutchison Effect’. Even if knowing him you may be easily tricked, unless you know the exceptionally smart mind you are dealing with.


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